Welcome to the last 100 points possible in COMM 270 (Intro to PR) at St. John Fisher College. It has been a fun semester, and this task is due no later than Thursday, May 2 at Noon (EST). Otherwise, zero points will be allocated to the final grade in the course for this exam (see the grade scale in the course syllabus).

Up to 100 points are possible, so partial credit is available solely at the discretion of Prof. Reinson, who will grade your content based on its quality, originality, creativity and lack of errors. You are encouraged to review the work of peers in the class prior to the deadline and help them out by spotting typos or making suggestions. That is what geographically dispersed teams do, after all. This teamwork is crucial for success in the public relations industry.

Our class will meet for our Final Exam period on Wednesday, May 1 from 8:30 to 11 a.m. (this meeting is NOT optional). We will view and enjoy your completed Spreecasts together.

1) Make sure you accept my invitation to edit this blog. Your name needs to appear on the list of “Users” for this blog.

2) Employ the best practices of blogging like embedding hyper-linked images and video in each of your five (5) unique posts. Each post should have at least three (3) words highlighted that link to Web content other than Wikipedia. Each post must be at least 400 words. Please use MS Word to write your posts in advance so that you do not lose your content on WordPress. Remember to save frequently.

3) We are creating a public blog that can be seen by the entire word, therefore you should all bring your “A” game if you indeed would like to earn an “A” on this final exam. After the due date, make a comment on your three favorite predictions of others.


4) Make sure that you create and publish only “posts” and not pages.

5) Each of your five (5) unique posts must be unique and may not replicate images and links that your peers have already used. This means if you load an image to your blog first, it is yours for the final exam. I will deduct points if a student repeats the same image (examples: Kelleher’s book cover, photos of Edward L. Bernays, videos that other students have used, etc.).

(If you plan to find images on Google, you may need to go beyond page one.)

Mug Loves PR

6) You are making five (5) predictions worth up to 20 points each. Be yourself, be creative, be unique, spell words correctly, use proper grammar, and support your reason for each prediction with books we read in class or other course content on the Yammer site for this class. PR history is a great place to find predictions for the future, so is the Kelleher book. When you cite these authors (Ewen and Kelleher), be sure to list the page number. Any course reading is fair game (Boorstin, Fitzpatrick, etc.) and I especially like to see students bring back recollections from class discussions, videos like War Made Easy are fair game too. This is the “Join the Conversation Edition” of COMM 270.

7) Make sure your headlines catch the reader’s interest. Make sure your predictions focus on future strategies and tactics of the public relations industry, issues like ethics are good as well. As you may have noticed in the syllabus, one of our big course objectives is to develop your own thoughts on the future of PR, so here is your chance!

–When we get done, we should have 100 unique predictions that will belong uniquely to our class!–


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