As we watch the news, we want to see what is going on in our community and the world around us. We trust what we are told and rely on the news to keep us up to date on the good and bad going on in the world. However, whether we want to believe it or not, the way in which we receive this information can be skewed to influence us to think a certain way. Today, we have different news stations. CNN news is more targeted towards the democratic community while Fox is more directed towards republicans. Although some of us simply want to watch the news to be informed, we may not realizes that these news stations and broadcasters themselves have their own views and minds of their own. Tom Kelleher explained in his book Public Relations Online, “Now in the 21st century, we are seeing the media themselves distributed in such a way that it is harder to find singular dominant sources of mass communication. For every conservative blogger online, there’s a liberal. For every Florida Gator, there’s a Georgia Bulldog. For every journalist, a corporate spokesperson” (Kelleher 8). No matter how information is distributed to us, there will always be an opinion or twist behind that distributer. I believe that in the future this is going to continue to get worse.


Above is an advertisement made by Fox News exposing CNN for having a wider democratic audience which made their viewers unbalanced in terms of politics. These news stations are competing with each other yet their job is to simply deliver the news to the public. I think that this advertisement does display how the news stations themselves have their own views and opinions which is hard to escape. However, when dealing with getting the public the information that they need, the information should not be changed in any way. I feel that the future of distributing information through the news is only going to become less trustworthy because people are not going to know if what they are being told is entirely factual. Also, the greater amount of news we see today happens to be bad news. I always hear people say “you never see anything good in the news anymore” which I completely agree with. Although these stories may be newsworthy, why are they not telling us the good in the world? I feel as if people are being drawn further away from news because they have trouble accepting that so much of it is bad. This also hurt the future for news stations and the publics opportunity to receive the information they want.


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