When it comes to school and the workplace, it is rather rare to pick up the phone to call a professor or manager to exchange information. We now use email or the internet in some way. Having been a part of the Introduction to Public Relations class at St. John Fisher College, we have used a social media site called Yammer to communicate back and forth outside of class. This allows us to discuss class activities and assignments without physically being in class. I find this to be a great way to communicate especially for class. Since there is an increase in the use of the internet in school and the workplace, I think that in the future many more people won’t have to go into work in order to communicate with their coworkers and many people could potentially learn through a video site rather than going to an actual classroom. Tom Kelleher discusses online teamwork in his book Public Relations Online. Kelleher stated, “Working with different people handling different tasks to reach a common goal requires one of the most important public relation skills of all- management” (Kelleher 126). Since these forms of online communication and teamwork are more manageable this would be a great tactic to utilize in the future. This experience is more convenient and potentially could become more popular in a few years.


Having also utilized a video site, Spreecast, our class was also able to hold a class through this during a snow storm. We were all able to collaborate and communicate through this site in the comfort of our own homes. Spreecast may not be known by many people or many college professors however, I do feel that it will become much more popular in the future due to situations such as these. Spreecast allows us to utilize online teamwork because we all much plan before hand how the Spreecast will go. I also think that it allows us to pay better attention to what is being discussed because it is as if we are watching a video rather than going to class. Although this may be far fetched for some professors, I think that eventually this will become a common practice since our digital world is increasing constantly. Online teamwork will also be improved by many people both in school and the workplace because they will have to communicate online rather than in person. This to me, seems a lot simpler than communicating face to face and in a classroom setting




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