The use of the internet and digital world is growing by the second. Technology is expanding as time goes on and the amount of people utilizing these new forms of technology is growing along with it. The internet has become a tool for communicating, shopping, searching and entertainment. This is all beneficial for us however when it is put into perspective, how much of your information is really being put out there on the internet? If we online shop we are sending out our credit card information electronically. If we are on social media we have pictures of ourselves and information about us. If we do a simple google search that is saved to our server. Would this be considered a privacy issue? Some may argue that if we are putting this information out there it is not violating our privacy. Yet, we really never know who is seeing what we put out there and can access much of what we believe is not accessible to others.


Tom Kelleher discusses server data and online tracking services. He stated, “Practitioners can look at server log files to identify the general locations and patterns of use to people and computers that access an organization’s online resources” (Kelleher 146). If locations and search patterns can be tracked, imagine what else can be. It is very common for businesses to search us on the internet if we are applying for a job. This is why it is important to regulate what we put up on social media sites and allow the public to see. Often times, people who have accounts on certain sites may get hacked. This demonstrates how easily people can get into our own personal information through the internet. So much of what we do during our every day lives has to do with utilizing the internet. I believe that in the future this is only going to get worse. As online technology expands, so is the amount of people who are using it for more and more aspects of their lives. This can be scary to think about.

I think that despite privacy laws and simply respect others information, people such as hackers can find a way around them. Sometimes I question my own judgement when it comes to what I put out on the internet. After coming to the realization that Public Relations is growing in many aspects, so will the amount of information that is exposed about a person utilizing the internet.


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