My last prediction has to do with public relations in politics. This concept was brought up in the very first class held of “Introduction to Public Relations” at St. John Fisher College. In the class, we watched the film War Made Easy. The film covered various topics including how the government stated information to gain public support on pressing issues, especially war.

The government has much more influence on how we hear news and issues than we think. They often hide important facts, and spin facts, to make pressing issues such as war seem like an absolute necessity. They portray the information to look just as they want it too to control the mind of the public and gain as much support as they can. It is a game of trickery, almost as they are selling a package to America and trying to get the American public to buy it. Common tactics seen throughout history include telling the people of America that “we need” to defend our country and use nationalism and pride to sway the public opinion. Another common tactic is making America look like “heroes” going to spread freedom and democracy in foreign lands. This was seen recently under President Bush’s administration and making it seem like war in Iraq was our only option. Scott McClellan faced much criticism and controversy when the truth came out a few years later.

Taking this into consideration, I predict that it Internet will make it easier for the government and future Press Secretaries to spread these fibs online. The Internet is a great source of reaching people by the masses and as new sites and functions are created, this will only get easier for the government. However, I also predict that the public will be able to use the Internet to their advantage in this situation as well. They will be able to be more interactive with this information and will be even better connected to others to discuss the validity of the statements. If used correctly, the public might actually be able to go against the sway of the public opinion. However, this could also result in faulty information on the public’s part as well and could actually end of helping the government in controlling the public mind. Either way, the advancement of technology and the Internet will change the way the public receives and believes what the government tells us.

The film that raises important questions concerning public relations and politics.

The film that raises important questions concerning public relations and politics.


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