Throughout my time in this public relations course one of the main things I have learned about public relations is the power of spin. In order to keep companies afloat, a lot of the time some sort of spin is necessary. We have had countless discussions where the line is drawn for what is spin and what is just a flat out line, but will our ideas about spins and lies change in the future?

I believe that the power of spin will be nothing more but a memory of the old days for the future of public relations. The main reason that spin works is that people are gullible and believe most of what they hear on the news or social media sites. But as we grow as a culture, we are becoming more and more alert and aware of the resources we have to prove wrong most the “spins” we hear in the media. My prediction is that in the future there will be no way to get a lie or “spin” past the public without some sort of fuss, because our technology and resources are just becoming more and more advanced as the years go by.


I also believe that the public is becoming more involved in the community and what is going on socially. We are a society that stands up for what we believe is right and are not afraid to speak our minds for the most part. In the future I believe this will be even more true which will be even harder for public relations personnel to get a lie past the public. A good example of this would be Bill Clinton’s sex scandal. He claimed that he did NOT have sexual relations with that young lady. What do we find out soon after? That he in fact did. This was years ago and spin failed. How is the public relations world supposed to believe that spin will work for much longer? Technology and resources have gotten much better since this scandal too and are getting more efficient and effective every single day. We can even look more recently at the Applebee’s employee who lost her job due to the posting of a customer’s rude comment on her bill. Applebee’s went on their Facebook to let the public know that they were “in the right” for taking the action they did, but no one believed them. Their attempt at spinning the situation was a complete bust. This tactic is slowly but surely starting to fail in society today and in regards to the future of PR, I predict that spin in the media will be a thing in the past.


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