My next prediction has to do with a very important component of public relations: the press release. It is obvious by now that the Internet is a huge factor in current society and will be even more prevalent in the future. I predict that as the Internet becomes more and more important, and improvements and new sites are made, press releases will ultimately change form completely.

            Press releases have already changed from the tradition press releases before the “Internet Age.” A good and interactive press release is now embedded with links, and social media sites that allow viewers to share them easily and get the word spread faster. However, these press releases still have the same official format. I predict that in the future, press releases will change formats completely and make use of these interactive features much more.

            I predict that in the future, these new and improved press releases will not be in the long-written format. There will be only a few words stating the essential and basic information. The rest will be linked to other websites and sources of technology. I imagine that parts of the press releases will be embedded informative videos and even live feeds of the event or situation happening. Viewers of the press release will be able to “follow” it on Twitter, Facebook or whatever new site emerges in the future. Once readers have followed it they will receive live updates as the situation or event progresses.

            The new format for the press release will also allow readers to reply and make comments. Depending on the situation they may have polls to track the public opinion and how the public feels and will react. The new press releases will not be a single page and the viewers will be allowed to interact with it as much as possible.

            Lastly, with the increase in interactivity, the companies and public relation specialists will be able to better read how the public is feeling about the topic, situation or event. By being able to read the public mind, as Edward Bernays declared the importance of long ago, they will have more control over their public image and appeal to the masses much more. I predict these changes will be made for the better in the world of public relations and press releases due to interactivity. It may be hard to imagine, but with the rapid and unpredictable sites that are popping up on the Internet constantly these days, anything is possible.

This traditional press release may be a thing of the past in the near future.

This traditional press release may be a thing of the past in the near future.


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