Often times PR campaigns are targeted towards a specific group or demographics. The practitioners are putting out ideas and content that may not even appeal to the people that they should be trying to attract. To actually reach individuals who may be interested in your clients merchandise or products a PR practitioner needs to actually interact with people involved with the interest that relates to the business/ organization. What comes to mind when I’m discussing this it the lasting concept that Kelleher mentions of relationships. PR is about persuasion and building rapport so that the public you are trying to reach feel confortable and as though they can trust you. I think in the future PR will transition from being demographically influenced to having personal interactions be the guiding force in a campaigns strategy. One example of this is what professor Reinson talked to us about where he was involved in promoting a living community and he was talking first hand with people who actually showed an interest. While looking for data on this topic I came across a piece done by ABC that mentions our dear professor. It also talks about how for one of the communities they were offering “test drives” so potential residents could get a feel for the environment. That is what I am predicting the future to be filled with. When an organization needs to inform a group of their success, products, or changes they should use interaction through discussion to appeal to communities not whole branches of the public.


The photo shows how demographics leave out valuable information that could be a key point in attracting the individuals.

To see the ABC article please visit the link



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