Can education be looked at as a business today? It is not just about top of the curriculum curve anymore, what else is the new theme, what gives me the best bang for my buck? With sites such as rate my professor and other blogging tools, no teacher or school is safe. It doesn’t matter if the teacher tried their best or couldn’t reach a struggling student; everyone turns into a superhero once those hands hit the keys because it can turn a working class professor into a lazy, inconsiderate person. Universities have never had this concern until the past few years and although at this point it is not a make or break for a student’s admission, you better believe in years to come when this site really expands along with others it could really bruise or boost a school / professor. Schools have a serious PR concern now because of the internet most importantly, I know that for myself and almost all of my friends when registering for classes rate my professor is the first site we check after checking our transcript for which classes we need to complete. Confident Professor at BlackboardThe danger of this for the future; say a student is stuck between Suny Brockport and St. John Fisher College, both of which have the best accreditation in the business department he wishes to graduate with, both have the same environment, price, basically everything is even (it really isn’t, but for the time being let’s say it is). Once that student logs onto the site and sees one school holds the advantage over the other than that trend will continue to repeat. Students will consistently choose the organization where they know they will maintain a better relationship with their staff because it encourages learning. There are numerous studies that can show students do better when they maintain a relationship with a professor, versus a professor who portrays a scary or unapproachable personality.

I think organizations should be creating more rigorous review templates and meetings with their staff in order to “trim the fat” and encourage positive, hardworking staff in order to avoid a future catastrophe. If schools put this off it is only a matter of time until another university starts to plan in advance and is known as the student friendly school which will create higher grades, making the university more recognizable and possibly receiving more donations and grants which will lead to a stronger university. It’s a snowball effect, but it can go either way in terms of positive versus negative growth.


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