Customer service has been mentioned in the past to be similar to public relations. I agree with that idea as both areas of communication deal with reacting to customer issues and developing a plan of action that responds efficiently and addresses the situation while creating an established map to follow for future problems. For the future of public relations I foresee the combining of these two practices into one internal structure within companies and organizations. When there is poor customer service response it creates work for the PR department of a company. If the two practices were to be combined they could be managed more appropriately  and have farther-reaching effects as the resources of both would be combined. Image

The Public relations section would bring to the table the use of press releases, blogs, Spreecasts and other social media. The customer service side deals with the direct hands on interaction and can bring that experience to the table. If the two blended into one the department could produce great customer service, which would help the company’s profits and make it easy to promote the excellence of the company through PR tools. If you look at customer service from a PR perspective it may include thoughts about the long-term. If the department created solid operations the service the customers received would act as PR by itself. Having a good experience with a company as a customer is very important and can lead to further spreading of that experience by way of social media and word- of mouth. Those types of occurrences are what companies strive for. Combining the two practices of customer service and public relations is soon approaching. The merger would provide customers even better responses to our concerns, while the company would be gaining a department that is filled with tools to tackle any situation.


This link shows how even the Public Relations Society of America is adapting to this change that is bound to happen in the near future.

click here to watch a video that explains the similarities between CS and PR


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