For the future of public relations, I predict that companies, celebrities, and organizations will be taking more charge of their own coverage instead of letting FOX, NBC or other various bloggers do it for them. Now-a-days, news stations such as FOX, NBC, and CNN are the go-to places for news on what is going on for anything in today’s society. There are also numerous blogging sites that the public can go to so they can get all of the latest scoops of what is going on in celebrities lives, about television shows, and what is going on in companies and organizations. Yes, blogging sites such as and are very informative and give the public what they want to hear! But having to go to outside sources to hear all of the news and promotions takes away from said companies, celebrities, television series, or anything that needs public relations. I believe that in the future celebrities, organizations, companies, etc. will be the ones to announce big announcements and handle their own public relations through their own public relations personnel instead of going through FOX, NBC, CNN or celebrity blogging sites.


This is already starting to happen slowly but surely. In 2011 Beyoncé Knowles performed at the VMAs one of her hit singles “Love on Top”. After her performance, she told the audience that she wanted them to “feel the love that is growing inside me” and then she pushed back her jacket and started rubbing her stomach. This was her way of announcing to the world that she was pregnant. She did not let bloggers do it, or entertainment weekly, she publicly made this announcement on her own accord. The way she made her announcement brought even more attention to her and her news so this was a great PR move on her part.

Another great example of celebrities and influential people taking charge of their own announcements would be President Barack Obama announcing who his running mate would be through use of his twitter account and by text message to his supporters. This was such a huge step for public relations because of the relationship building this personal message made. In the book Public Relations Online by Tom Kelleher, Kelleher talks of the importance of relationship building and then maintaining these relationships. What better way to build relationships, especially while running a campaign, then announcing to your supporters personally through text message or even twitter such a huge announcement. I truly believe that in the future we will see much more of this in public relations.


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