For the future of public relations, I predict that waiting for news is going to be a thing in the past. I believe that with the rapid growth of today’s technology having to pre-record the news and then air it a certain time will be nothing but a hassle in the future. PR personnel will soon be able to record news in seconds with their phones, iPad’s, or whatever new technology comes out, and be able to have this coverage on all social media sites, television stations, and news websites live.


This is already starting to happen for public relations today. Social media tools such as vine and instagram allow individuals to post videos and pictures immediately after taking them, but our technology is not advanced enough to post live footage on social media websites or news sites. The technology is advanced enough in regards to the television, but they only use this technology when they want to. They use this technology in a time of disaster or maybe a big event but never just for the news that goes on throughout the day. My predication goes beyond that to the social media realm where news will be more accessible and immediate.

In our country’s most recent tragedy at the Boston Marathon, there as live coverage of the police “catching suspect number two”. I put this in quotation marks because this “live coverage” was nothing but the view of cars on the street. Imagine if there was a public relations person there, on the scene, recording with their iPhone live coverage that went straight online for viewers to watch. The public would be so much more satisfied and skeptics of the government’s word would be hushed.  Even if someone was there during the disaster with their iPhone out sending coverage online. There would be a better sense of what happened and how it happened and evidence against suspects with live footage.

Although this technology and the legality of this prediction are far off in the future, I do believe that this is where public relations coverage is heading. In Tom Kelleher’s book Public Relations Online he even references systems in public relations and says “we must remember that computer systems are the technological tools of real people”. This is influential for this predication because it reminds the public relation personnel that they are dealing with real people behind these social media websites who are demanding coverage and do not settle. Pleasing the public and giving them what they want is a big part of the public relations world and I do believe that people are dedicated enough to their job to go this far to give the people what they want.


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