With the increasing prominence and popularity of social networking as a strategy for public relations, it is safe to say that public relations will be utilizing various social networking sites as tools far into the future. Social networking will easily become the thing to know within the public relations world. Today, in order to be successful in public relations, perspective public relations practitioners must have a variety of skills in their tool belts.

With the changing times and emergence of the digital era, it will become imperative for those intending to pursue a career in public relations to have at least a basic knowledge of social networks and what can be accomplished by utilizing them for public relations reasons. In my opinion, the future of public relations will come more education and training for public relations practitioners on social networks. I believe this education and training will be achieved through college courses within the communications majors that are centered around various social networks and how to use them for public relations. Similarly to how the college offers intro to PR classes, there will also be intro to social networking classes.


Check out this video on how to use Facebook and Twitter for business!


Due to the turn public relations is taking towards a more digital/online based approach I feel that some for of education on the various social networking sites available online is an inevitable occurrence. Even in the small scope that is St. John Fisher College, you can begin to see a start to social/digital media education in the form of classes and majors developed around online and digital media sites. What I am referring to is the newly added major, Digital Cultures and Technologies. This major demonstrates a slight turn into more education on the topic, and in my opinion the addition of this major foreshadows more education and curriculum based on social networks and online media.



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