We have been using social media this whole semester. By using things such as Yammer, Twitter and the blogs we are contributing to the decline of what social media means to public relations now.  mediaWe use social media as tools to help businesses and clients who promote themselves and connect to their publics. In the future “social media” will not be a new idea or tool to utilize. It will become part of the training for entering the profession. Just as we are learning to use these sites other people our age and older are as well. Public relations will be an operation run entirely online. Once that is the case the use of social media will no longer be thought of as innovative but it will become the usual, a tradition or staple of what public relations does and how it does it. When that happens I believe that PR will try to reincorporate some of its old ways with the new to revive the great tools that are available. In one of my first blogs I spoke about QUALCOMM and how they had ads at a bus stop that allowed you to connect to a website and receive an interesting new ride. That way of reaching beyond the internet and using the traditional print with the physical gratification is where I think the future of PR is going. As the idea of “social media” loses its powerful connotation and becomes what the customary press release and conference were of the past, it will be adapted again to fit the future.

to check out QUALCOMM’s campaign visit the link:


 I’m not saying that this will be the end of social media I just mean that it will have been adapted and evolved enough that it will be used as a primary tool to immediately handle situations. For many of our white papers we suggested Facebook and Twitter. What will happen when every company has those and you need to handle a PR situation. PR practitioners are people who can create ideas quickly and manage the dispersion of those concepts. This progression of media will be challenge the profession  again in the future as the “new” tools of social media become the tried and true.


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