My second prediction for the future of public relations refers to a prominent tool used within PR, the press release. The press release is a tool that has existed in the public relations world for quite some time, in fact, the first modern press release was developed in 1906 by Ivy Lee. Press releases are documents deliberately sent to a journalist, news reporter or other media source by a company in order to get the word out about something happening within the company. Press releases have been traditionally sent out to journalists for them to report on however, I believe that in the future of public relations press releases will be presented in various new and different forms. I do not see the press release becoming completely extinct in the future, or at least the near future, because it is a prominent tool and has been a prominent tool since its creation in 1906.


  In my opinion future press releases will remain the same in formatting and purpose, but the real changes will occur in how press releases are released or shared to the public. With the new and increasing prevalence of social networks comes online and social networking PR. Public relations practitioners are utilizing social networks and similar technologies to publicize and market the companies and businesses that they work for. It would only make sense that the next logical step is to further the use of social network public relations by transferring all public relations practices over to social networking sites.

  I expect that press releases in the future will begin to be shared using the social media sharing devices as opposed to giving them to the news. Releasing the press releases directly to the public is cutting the “middle man” (journalists) out of the equation. Posting press releases will allow for the direct flow of information of to the public, thus making the public feel more involved in the process and the company itself.

   Sharing press releases through mediums like Facebook and Twitter will cause more people to see them thus creating more interest in the company itself. This accessibility will allow stress releases to be easily viewed and shared within the social media sites.


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