My final prediction for the future of public relations is in reference to the growing amount of technologies and devices that have already become prevalent, and will continue to become increasingly more prominent in the future of public relations. The job of public relations practitioners was once (in the very early days) fairly simple because they only had to manage the journalists and the public in a face to face manner.  With the addition of new technologies such as computers, television, and now mobile devices and social networks comes more work to be done by PR practitioners.


With so much more to manage, I predict that the job of public relations practitioners will become harder in the future. While some of my peers argue that the job itself will become easier, I must disagree. Because there are so many new technologies, public relations practitioners must be ready and armed to establish strategies involving all of the devices, as well as maintain them all. Picture a company has just come out with a new product, and the product had a negative effect on that person, it is the job of the PR person to do some damage control for the company. When there was only, press releases and televised press conferences, the job of damage control was simpler.  But now, if a public relations practitioner must do damage control for a company, they must cover all of the previously mentioned mediums as well as a few additional ones like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, other various social networks and the news. It is imperative for PR practitioners to have a handle on any site or medium in which the public could gain information on the company from, because as that company’s PR person, you want them to receive the information from you and not an outside source.


   This increase in additional mediums and devices possessed by the public also causes issues with the speed in which information must be spread. With the growing popularity of smart phones, the rate at which the public is able to access and view information will become quite quick.  This means that in order for a public relations practitioner to ensure that the public is reading and hearing the right things about their company, they must act very quickly.


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