My first prediction for the future of public relations is that it will become a world where fact is even more mixed with fiction. The one book that we used in class was Ewen’s PR A Social History of Spin, it is clear from the title that the profession involves bending the truth.  ImageIn the past and present some parts of public relations have been done with personal interactions. When a person’s face can be seen and they are put on the spot it may be easier to see when they are spinning a story so that it has a beneficial use of making the client or company look well.

In the future I think that the use of social media will make it easier to hide facts. If someone is creating fake ideas to help boost a company/organizations public presence it may be harder to detect if they can only be referenced to by a username or handle.

With that in mind I think there may be a resurgence n the relationships between journalists and PR practitioners. A reputable journalist who has checked facts and is trusted can prove t be a major ally when you are looking for the truth about your client. The hidden world that the Internet has helped to develop may in actuality reconnect journalists to public relations so that the information presented to the public is clear, concise, and factual.

This link explains the relationship between the two groups:


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