One of the lasting concepts mentioned with Tom Kellher’s book, Public Relations Online; Lasting Concepts for Changing Media is relationships. These relationships can refer to the bond between a person and the public, or the public and a company or business. Companies and businesses work very hard and have public relations practitioners whose sole job is to form and maintain relations with the public. Companies and businesses place very high importance on relationships and will do almost anything in order to keep “in good standing” with the public.


Public relations is currently a very personable profession, being that you must be able to communicate successfully with people. Whether you are at a press conference addressing the public or in a face to face interview with a reporter or journalist. As time passes, there have been many new social networking sites and other tools that have made the jobs of public relations practitioners easier. However, is easier always better? Facebook and Twitter are sites that were designed to allow old friends to reconnect, and for new friendships to begin but have been recently adapted to fit the needs of public relations and marketing professionals. The problem of using the above mention social networking sites for public relations is that there is no face to face communication. The company is merely posting what needs to be said and the public is seeing it through the medium of words typed on a page, which is not nearly as effective as face to face conversational public relations. Social network sites also decrease the personalization because the companies don’t actually see who they are addressing. There is no specific target audience or group that the company aims to address, they merely address all who will see on the social networking medium.


With the rise of the digital era, and all the wonders of social networks that come along with it, also emerges the depersonalization of public relations. I believe that if newer tools, and social networking sites such as Twitter, and Facebook continue to play a prominent role in public relations, the field will become less personal and lose the importance of relationships, a concept that was once such a crucial theme for successful public relations strategies.

Check out this discussion board on a small business forum that discusses depersonalization due to social networking sites!


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