Public relations is a constantly evolving field of communications that is expanding beyond the professional sphere. It used to be that public relations was a business for people like Bernays, who had knowledgeable assets that could be used to create operations that impacted the lives of the public. With the development of the Internet and apps it is becoming easier for ordinary people to create links, apps, and pages that serve the same purpose as those made by professionals. In this class I was introduced to Yappbox, which allows you to create your on app. Using an app is a great way to reach a multitude of people and it is perfect for the PR profession as it is always on the go and apps are often used for mobile devises. For the future of public relations I think there will be an increase in the number of individual public relations practitioners. Tools like Yappbox are free instruments that open the world up to people. Other media like Facebook and Twitter are also free and they give individuals the potential to share opinions, ideas, and new content.


In my White Paper I proposed that the theatre I selected should create a Twitter and/or app. So to fulfill this idea I would only need to have it be approved with the owner and then I could create them. The ability to do this, as an individual is what contributes to small businesses ability to compete in a world where bigger is always thought to be better. Having a social presence is crucial for small or really any business. The rise in free available programs are making their mark on the world. The use of media tools eliminates the need to worry about funds, major time restraints, and people. In the future I believe that PR will not only be practiced by the professionals but also by those individuals are willing to investigate new territory.

This link describes how small business should use social media:


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