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Today there are distinct departments for marketing, advertising, and public relations.  Even now these departments tend to dip into some of each others work.  Public relations deal with both advertising and marketing and it also works the other way around.


What I think is going to happen in the future is there will be a blurring between lines.  There will no longer be a distinct marketing department of a business nor will there be a distinct advertising sector or public relations sector.  These will all merge together as one huge department.


This is not a bad thing.  The more people you have in one department the more diverse group you have to collaborate.  Since all of these industries go hand in hand it only makes sense to collaborate altogether and join them all.  This will give the industry more of a control on what and how things are marketed out to the public.  steps_in_the_pr_process

If more businesses adapt this concept of bringing these industries completely together new and bigger ideas will surface.  This will be an effect of greater competition from other businesses who choose to do the same thing.  If this happens I think there will be a change in the marketing, advertising, and PR world. I know these industries are all working together now, but if you take away the titles I think it will make a tremendous difference.  I think slowly but surely this is bound to happen.


About courtneydubiel

I'm a freshman at SJFC. I'm a communications major hoping to get into advertising.

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