For the future of public relations, I predict that in the future there will no longer be newspapers or any sort of print resources for news. Instead, all newspapers, magazines and whatever other print resources people use to get there news, will be on the web. My prediction is that that would be on the web through their own personal websites or social media sites. I believe that it will be like now where you have to subscribe to a certain magazine site or newspaper to have access to the site and its resources so that there will still be money to be made.


Public Relations has slowly but surely been going towards this ending, but it is not completely there yet. Back in the day households would receive the newspaper every day of the week. Now in most cities newspapers are not being delivered more than three times a week to households. Instead all of the news is on their own personal website free for individuals to use. Syracuse New York for example only sends out their Syracuse Post Standard three times a week and instead has their website very active and accessible to the citizens of the city.

I believe that this will not just go for newspapers, but for magazines as well. Most magazines all have their own websites for their viewers to go to that include a lot more than the magazines themselves do. Magazines such as Sports Illustrated have their own websites that do this and allow customers to subscribe to their magazine if they choose to. But there are magazines that are staying strong to the traditional way of doing things and only have a website that allows their viewers to subscribe to their print copy of the magazine such as Seventeen Magazine. Although there are magazines that are not following the crowd and making their content available online, they will slowly but surely follow suit.


The world of PR is already predominately on the online world, it is only a matter of time that print is a thing in the past. With all of the technology we have in our society and all of the technology that is soon to come, print stands no chance. Especially with how easy and accessible the web is for people through their phones, tablets, and computers. PR through the web is also so undeniably eco-friendly while print is the exact opposite. With all of the advantages of having all PR online or virtual, there is nothing keeping PR in print except time and tradition.


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