For years we have been able to see the changes in the mediums within PR, but the real question is has the idea of PR changed at all.  In an article by Jeremy Porter known as “How Is PR Changing” I came to realize that Pr hasn’t changed much.  There is still the principle to inform the public and protect your client at the same time.  What HAS changed is the mediums used to do these things and the voices heard.

I think that as the years go on PR is going to become more collaborative than ever.  I think the audience is going to have more of an affect on what point is being made.  I believe this because even now the public is getting involved in everything that is going on socially.  There are more people blogging on their own, commenting on things both online and even on television.

The most recent event I can relate this to is the Boston Marathon bombing.  Within seconds there was video tapes, pictures, and information pouring in.  This was all because of the public.  People were calling in to be heard about their opinions and their information.

What I recall most is a woman calling in when the suspects had been identified.  She was talking on behalf of the 19 year old who was accused of being one of the two bombers.  She just kept saying how her nephew had gone to school with this boy and how much of a good kid he was.  So many people called in afterwards and were telling the press how baffled they were because no one could imagine he would be capable of this kind of barbaric actions.  Also, there is footage of the bombers aunt calling media to make a statement as well.  This is just an example of how public’s opinions are shaping PR.

Whether these people knew it or not they were having an effect on people’s opinions of this young man.  I even thought that maybe he could have been set up just because of how many people were speaking so greatly of him.  This is an example of how the audience will have more of an effect on the public than they know.  PR agents are going to have to adapt to the opinions of the public and predict what will be said in order to get the right impression off about their client.  There is going to be a lot more foreshadowing involved in PR for the upcoming years.

We went from using face to face communication, then to newspapers, then we got more into technology and started using things like social media, Iphones, and TV.  What will PR use next?



About courtneydubiel

I'm a freshman at SJFC. I'm a communications major hoping to get into advertising.

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