For my final prediction, I would like to focus on the influence on internet blogs and websites such as Reddit and YouTube. I predict that in the future blogs are going to be held to a higher standard than just one person’s opinion. Blogs will one day be considered scholarly articles that can be referenced and may even be held up to just as important as written books and textbooks. Websites such as Reddit and YouTube will be sources for social movements and social phenomena, not just entertainment websites. There is already proof of these sites going in this direction.



Although for my prediction I believe that blogs will be held to a much higher standard and reliable source, I feel that blogs for the most part are well on their way in that direction. There are specific blog sites that the public knows they can go to find what they are looking for such as Perez Hilton’s blog, Perez Hilton went above and beyond with his ambition to be the best public relations representative he could be all on his own! Through his blog he has received an accredited name where people know him and trust the information that he puts out there for the world. Pretty soon I believe more and more public relations representatives will take the road that Perez took and make a name for themselves through their blogs therefore making blogs the go to place for information and references.

Blogs are not the only public PR sites that will be held to a higher esteem. Sites such as YouTube and Reddit have changed the world of PR and how news and social movements get started. With the simple post of one picture on Reddit or one video on YouTube the world as we know it could change in an instant. Both these sites have started countless fads throughout our country such as the “Harlem Shake” or the “cinnamon challenge”. Are these two things life altering? No. But how fast they swept the nation do to one video is insane! With that power, imagine what could be started with the use of these sites! Looking at Reddit views see many different controversial things that are posted that even make news such as when a Reddit user confessed to murdering his sister’s abusive boyfriend through Reddit on a MEME! In the future, I do believe sites such as these will be used for PR that will ignite change and revolution, not just entertaining PR.





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