Technology_management_LG_FOCWhen it comes to social media a lot of companies and corporations essentially search for their clients online, however, this does have it’s downfalls. I predict that PR is going to fall into the trap in using fake interactions instead of actually meeting with a human. A person behind the computer screen might be different than who they are in real life. Agencies seem to be taking over the role of relationships This leads to some problems on the clients part too, they start to sit behind a computer screen instead of actually participating. Essentially an agency cannot form relationships online with people, agencies are in actuality replacing the traditional job of human interaction online. Sometimes going back to traditional values is not a bad thing, essentially people are just sitting back and becoming lazy.


Conversations are timeless and serve as the most traditional way to communicate. The internet is oftentimes used to empower people with information, but is also used to strengthen a certain company or corporation. Agencies use these sort of tactics online to rope in/persuade people to become interested in what they ahev to say. This can also lead to fake interactions like mentioned above, and is poorly executed on the part of the agency because they do not know who they really are talking to unless they meet with them personally.

Overall I think that technology is obviusly a great thing and will continue to grow, but we are forgetting the most important thing that cannot be outsourced, and that is face to face communication. Now agencies are just taking over that job and instead of trying to get to know the person behind the computer screen they invite almost anyone to join certain facebook pages, twitter accounts, etc. Tom Kelleher’s book “Public Relations” provides us with lasting concepts of the changing media, and it is apparent media has changed since even ten years ago. However, nothing is really addressed concerning agencies or what they are potentially doing online, or what it could lead to in our future.

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