Take a minute to really think this through… We are becoming so  dependent on wireless communications that it is not even a necessity to go outside your own house to get things accomplished. I predict that in 2020 or 2030 there will be no need for any sort of transportation anymore, online companies/corporations will reduce the need for any sort of travel on land. I also think that air travel will become more popular than human travel, this also ties into the policy of of private cars and such. Though my prediction seems far fetched, this article I read really hits home and makes me think my prediction for the future could in fact really happen.



It states “In implementing programs that limit or restrict vehicular access, it is customary to simultaneously implement improvements to to other travel models” This is essentially what is happening as technology continues to progress, and at this point there is no way it is regressing. Cars could potentially become the minority of society and not dominate means of transportation, it is hard to imagine but could easily happen. Today there are forms of car restrictions in pedestrain malls,m parking controls, nighborhood parking permits, turn restrictions, exclusive bus lanes, and restrictions on delivery trucks. These seem almost minor right now but could increase as our technology continues to grow. Like anything else this idea of off road transportation has its perks and downfalls, it could essentially hurt small businesses, especially car dealerships who make a living off selling vehicles. Also, UPS would be hurt by this as well. Any sort of business that relies on selling vehicles would be hurt by this and this could lead to some serious economic issues. It’s hard to grasp the concept of no cars or trucks dominating our means of travel…but it could happen, only time can tell. Our society is technologically based and is constantly changing. Everyday something new is dicovered or created, and by the looks of it I don’y see a decline of advancements in our future.



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