My last prediction is that our law and legal systems will be networked. In the PR world right now The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) is an active foundation that promotes the rule of law among other nations. 100 other nations have formed this as well. Their goal is to encourage a mutual understanding with other nations people even though they in fact have differing legal systems and legal heritages. There is also a GLIN Database, and their job is to keep up with this legal archive, they essentially want this database to expand but also protect it along the way. Our nation has become dependent on online resources to successfully organize important information such as the GLIN database. We feel the most confident with documents stored in safe files and where we can access even the most secretive information at our leisure. Databases provide people with a numerable amount of ways to access information, and the nice aspect of it all is the information is already organized and neatly ordered for people using the system. However, we might run into problems if an enemy from another country gets ahold of all of our computer files.olympus


A perfect example of this is in a recent movie that just came out; “Olympus Has Fallen”. In this movie a secret service code is captured by terrorists and they actually take over the white house and almsot gains control of the whole world as the terrorist tries to blow up all the nuclear bases around the world. This secret service code is obviously beyond important, and once this is accessed online it could be literally life or death for millions. There are tons of files our President has that are tucked away online stored away in files that no one even knows about besides the secret service This is the problem at hand with everything being networked, once files are entered from those who are not supposed to ever access them things could really take a turn for the worst. After I watched Olympus has fallen I became paranoid that it could potentially happen to our nation if we are not careful with what we in fact store and where we store it online.


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