PR now a days is just a bunch of information and advertising for a certain company, person, or product.  In my eyes I see PR being short and to the point – not too complex.  As the years go on I believe the public will need something more enticing to catch their attention.  In Stephen Waddington’s article “The Future of Public Relations” he claims that engaging your audience and storytelling and content marketing is going to be key for public relations.

The art of storytelling has been around for a while, but I don’t believe it has been completely applied to PR.  In the future I think it will consume PR.  It will give a story or information a cause and it will help the audience wrap their head around a certain idea.

When authors write a story they can write it in a way so the reader will form a certain opinion on a character such as the villain or the hero.  This is exactly what PR agents are trying to do.  They try and make one option look better than another.  It is only common sense to use storytelling to persuade the audience.


This is a perfect idea because storytelling is something we have all grown up with and trust.  Although, we know storytelling is not true it in some way or another has helped shape our lives.  For example, girls grow up listening and watching fairytales that start with a princess and ends with her finding her prince charming.  The effect of this is that many if not all girls grow up thinking that she will find her prince charming.  I believe that storytelling in PR can have the same prince charming effect as fairytales.


About courtneydubiel

I'm a freshman at SJFC. I'm a communications major hoping to get into advertising.

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