justin timberlake marine corp ball  640

I predict that celebrities are going to do more “charity” work for everyday individuals. We already see celebrities having their own causes such as disease foundations or helping children in underdeveloped countries but not much with people going about their everyday lives. Public relation professionals are going to take things to a whole new level in the future. They are going to have their celebrity clients hang out with normal fans. When you think of a celebrity you think that there is no way you will ever get to meet them or even ever have the chance to hang out with them.

Many celebrities are also role models, people that others look up to.When we see a celebrity reaching out to a normal fan that gives a sense that they are real and just like anyone else. I am not talking about PR professionals holding contests for their clients (which some do) but just randomly selecting people. We have already seen this a little bit with a few celebrities. Many in which their PR people find these fans on YouTube. One example is when a U.S. Marine asked Justin Timberlake to her Marine Ball via YouTube. Here’s the video..

He ended up accepting the offer and it only helped his public relations. He got attention for going and good, positive articles written about it. He even release a statement about his time there.

Here is the letter he wrote on his website


Here is an article written about the Marine Ball that Justin attended.


It also was a good time for him to be in the spotlight because he needed to promote his new movie at the time. Being in the spotlight and for good PR only helps the celebrity’s reputation. I think that PR professionals will be encouraging this more and more especially if they want good PR for their celebrity client.


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