I predict that in the future public relations will be very invasive to our everyday lives. I think we are going to see more and more companies trying to reach out to us using bizarre outlets and tools. My thinking comes from seeing advertisements embedded into tables in a food court in one of the malls I visited. I thought it was so different that there was table top advertising being displayed. Here is an example of a company that deals with making these table top advertising displays for clients and it also explains what they do and why they do so.


I think this is a great strategy for companies because they are tapping into consumers vulnerability. Generally speaking when people are eating, they are happy and when you have happy people they are more apt into looking at the ad on the table and take it in.  

However, I think that this table advertising is pretty invasive. An average person already sees up to 5,000 advertisements in one day today. When are we going to come to a point where we say enough is enough? People are going to get sick of this and yet companies will still try to get in every little outlet they possibly can get into and I think this will only get worse in the future. 

I think that someday in the future we will see colleges have corporate sponsors to raise funding. There will be advertisements in the hallways and around school. Buildings will be named after these corporations.We already see this with the Wegman’s School of Nursing and Wegman’s School of Pharmacy at St. John Fisher College. I think colleges will continue to do this but on a higher level with advertisements embedded into table tops such as the ones already seen in food courts and even banners in the hallways.

Also, I think that at busy traffic stops we will see some sort of advertisement when the light is red and before the light turns green. There will be some sort of invention where there will be a billboard type thing above the light. It may be something as basic as scroll words or as complex as pictures. With our constant developing technology, anything is possible! It is really crazy to think about the future in terms of what companies are going to think of next with their advertising but they are already doing some pretty crazy things such as the table top example.


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