There will come a point in the future where public relations will be in the hands of sports teams. We are seeing that more and more now. When you see sport teams coming out to play a game the first thing you hear is a corporate sponsor before even announcing the team name. PR professionals are using popular places such as sports games to get their company’s name out in the open. They are also doing this to create a connection with the public.

For example, we see Nike as a corporate sponsor for a lot of teams across many different sports. Nike is one of the most recognized brands in the world and I think that sports has a lot to do with it. The team is decked out in Nike when playing the game. That may not be their own brand of choice but when they get free stuff or even get paid to wear it then they do so. We see this as “cool” when our favorite sports player is wearing the brand. This gets consumers to go out and buy it because they think that it is the best brand since professionals are using and wearing it. – Sponsorship helps reach a target market, operate in a close, personal environment and stands out against economic hardships with advertising.

Companies also use advertising through the banners in sports games such as basketball along the sides of the courts. Major games promote the company even more since millions of people are watching it on TV they are constantly seeing that advertisement the entire game. This tunes into your subconscious because when you see the ads many times but are more focused on the game, you tend to still store those ads for later use. When say you need insurance your going to automatically think, “I should use Geico.” You probably won’t remember why but that’s what is so brilliant about this whole subconscious advertising technique that PR professionals do. It’s all about perception in the public eye and corporations do a great job of utilizing sports games and teams to their advantage.

Check out this article that shows pictures of how logos have crept into sports. (



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