There’s no business, like show business but is there really a “show business” anymore? With the launching of pioneer applications such as Napster, computer application developers have hopped on the bandwagon and made stealing music easier, better, faster and most importantly free. For a music artist today it seems almost crazy to get into the industry now, with the monster decline of record sales through music stores and millions of songs being stolen regularly, why would anyone want to work somewhere were there work was being stolen and ripped off? This isn’t just an American trend either of killing artists careers, it has spread worldwide and has become a new fad. Even in Palestine (not exactly the music hot bed of the world) there have been music artists careers killed by kids with a simple internet connection and a laptop. The big question is what will happen in the future in terms of music piracy. If we look at this chart

Music Piracy

Music Piracy

we can see the impact piracy has held since the beginning, with the steady decline of around 100,000 albums being ripped off yearly we can assume that in 20 to 30 years there will be pretty much no money in becoming the dream of a rock star. There is still money to be made thanks to new applications such as iTunes, Pandora, Rhapsody and even Spotify, but are these artists really laughing all the way to the bank? For an artist to publish an album on iTunes they have to pay iTunes for every single sold and it’s a substantial amount of more than half of its royalties and for streaming apps such as Pandora and Spotify the artists are only paid a small fraction of what they should be earning in regards to music popularity. Then if we trace back other costs such as record labels receiving a piece, recording studio expenses, band member salaries, production and on down the list. I can assume that music will consistently decrease in creativity and quality just on the account of piracy in years to come, when the attraction becomes less popular no sane person would want to invest the time and effort to only be abused. Could this be the death of music as we know it? I believe so and the only way to save it will be to rely on our politicians to monitor the stealing of music more in depth and to put harsher punishments on these criminals. But this will probably never come to life, so R.I.P music thanks for the memories.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin


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