Whether to relax after a long day, take a quick break, increase the buzz or just because. Cigarettes have been a part of our civilization forever it feels like. For years there didn’t seem to be any problem with smoking, it was a dignified thing to do and it was just a part of life but for the past few decades we have directly correlated life threatening diseases with cigarette smoke such as lung cancer and emphysema. With hundreds of people dying daily from this one product you would think no way will this be around forever. Think again my friend. Even with the harshest government regulations for both parties including extraneous manufacturing procedures with filters and production for the companies and insane taxes for the consumer, everything adds up to a pointless item to purchase, but it doesn’t end there.

cigsHere is where the PR side comes into play that can’t even make a dent in the slowing down of tobacco sales, which are harmful condition labels that have to be posted on every cigarette box. These labels basically tell the consumer “if you use me, I will kill you” this PR seems like a home run for crushing the cigarettes conglomerates but it just seems like they will never lose. If you were to put this sort of marketing material on a box of lucky charms, they wouldn’t make it to the end of the day without selling off every asset they could. This doesn’t just relate with cigarettes, the same goes for other large conglomerates such as Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has been known for terrible treatment of their employees even being ranked one of the worst places to work, the growth of overseas sweatshop labor, killing of local businesses and other monopoly tactics.

What does this mean for PR? This means that not every battle can be solved by a press release or some sort of advertising tactic. The giants are going to stay giants no matter what, the same goes for the success it won’t be determined by how good their PR is but merely based off of the necessities of life which is price and mental satisfaction.


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