For this assignment, i really just have no clue. So I turned to what any other college student would do. I googled it. And I found this article by Gini Dietrich. Gini Dietrich pretty much said what everyone says. PR is and will be going digital. The usage of paper media has gone way down, and will keep going down. In her response the habit of the consumers constantly is changing. She talks about getting past media relations. Media relations is about the relationship the company builds with journalists, public relations is the relationship the company builds with the general public. The future of public relations is blurred at the moment because right now company know what we want. They have all gotten to know us and they know that Facebook, twitter, and text message updates are what makes us happy. I know all of those things make me happy.When I see companies tweeting, or getting involved in April Fools jokes, I love it. It makes them look more human and more like us. Also when they text me. I have my bank text me whenever my direct deposit goes in every Friday. I also have the pharmacy text me when my prescription is ready. My friends have their favorite sports teams text them when they have a game, or updates of scores. I’m not sure about the future of public relations because the next big social network has yet to be created. And the next best iPhone has yet to be released. However when they do, I don’t doubt for a second that PR will be analyzing and comparing every inch of it.



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