My first PRediction is going to take us into the future. I mean, this is the future of PR isn’t it? Edward Bernays probably never imagined that social media, now has such a big impact on public relations, so how are we to know what new things are coming our way. In back to the future 2 hover boards were invented in 2015, thats only two years away… who knows.hoverboard

When rumors of the iPhone 5 concept video become viral everyone went nuts. That kind of technology in our era, is crazy to believe. However, we need to be prepared because new things can be thrown at us at any time. Going off of this video I thought I would take a wild guess at the future, and PRedict what could be potentially heading our way. The technology of PR will change. Holograms are very real and becoming more popular as we grow in the technical world. Everyone was blown away by the Tupac hologram that was preformed at Coachella 2012, I saw a hologram of Carrie Underwood last summer, and that video had a pop up screen. Technology can take us to new heights. We have face time now, but in a matter of time we’ll be able to see our friends as holograms at our homes.

The good thing with technology is that we will always have it. It will always be growing and new things will be offered to us. The paper age of reading news papers, sending letters, and posting bulletin boards are over. We can google a snippet of news if its that important, or usually people are constantly tweeting about things in the media. Phone calls are beginning to be out dated. It will be interesting to see what the future holds and what new mediums, or apps will introduce itself to us next.


About isabellelasa

Freshmen at St. John Fisher College

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