Prediction #5: The term “public relations” becomes irrelevant, as co’s and customers begin to have flawless interaction. PR reps become less business minded, and more like the public.

This past semester in Communications 270, “Introduction to Public Relations,” we learned that the trend in PR is changing. Organizations are now trying to be open and upfront with the public. In essence, the company is “opening up” and letting their customers into a two-way relationship. Social media mediums, like Facebook and twitter, allow for a unique bridge between fans and companies. There now seems to be a trend of mutual understanding between the two sides.



Being “open” with fans! Good two-way relationship in progress.

Since the early days of Public Relations, companies usually have designated one department to the job (sometimes even one person.) I believe that this will soon change. I don’t think that PR departments will be eliminated, no-no! I think that the role of the PR department will be dissolved throughout the entire organizations, and expand. In essence, in the near future, it will be everyone’s job in an organization to do PR work. This may sound like a tall-task, but it really is not. Again, with social media and the “openness” that has been created, PR has taken on a different definition. So long as a company as a whole devotes their efforts towards being open and interactive with their customers, they will have a seamless relationship that won’t even feel like PR work. In other words, Public Relations become just another asset of their companies functioning.

I believe that this shift in the definition of PR will not only affect the public, but also those within the organization. I feel that once the relationship begins to grow, the organization’s individuals will begin to feel personal connections with their customers. I think this will enhance the understanding of one-another. Perhaps those within the organization will soon see things from the fan/customer’s perspective. Maybe, just maybe, the organization will finally see from the same eyes and the public.

The definition of Public Relations may change again as we progress into the future. This begs the question; will PR one day be obsolete? Will there come a day when organizations, governments, and companies are no longer are above the public? Is there a day in the future when all will be equal? I like to think that the growth of social media, and the associated increase in power granted to the public, could lead to these one day occurring. Though it may sound depressing to think of PR one day being eliminated, it should not be. PR “ending” would mean that it did it’s job, mission accomplished. Public Relations managed to bring everyone to an equal status, and as a result, would no longer be needed. Interesting hypothetical situation, if nothing else!

No longer a need for “Dirty Laundry” someday? Let’s hope so…


About Austin Hancock

Currently a Sophomore at St. John Fisher College, majoring in Marketing with a certificate in Museum Studies. I transferred in from JCC, where I majored in Professional Piloting. I love WWII history and aircraft, my ultimate goal is to run my own aviation museum.

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