I believe that the divide between marketing, advertising and PR will essentially no longer exist. There will also be large and small companies that can thrive on their own, and more entrepreneurs. Every business is getting to the point where they can represent themselves (in advertisements etc) without any help from big corporate organizations and such. This success also stems from people being more educated on social media. Today we have to be educated on social media, blogs, search engines, and the process of actually creating your own online content.

exxon_mobil<– America’s Larget Corporation

This creating your own content deal starts in school… for me I learned how to create my own webpage in high school through a program called dreamweaver. My teacher constantly stressed that knowing how to create something like this online will be so beneficial. I never really connected the dots until I really stepped back and looked at the big picture; everything is online. Our world has shifted towards this new era, and knowing how to create your own webpage is definitely something good to have in your arsenal for job situations. It was not too difficult to learn how to do but each step was time consuming and you had to follow strict instruction. I could potentially create a webpage for a big business, and this could comfortably be put on my resume.


Traditional advertising is essentially dead, today people rely on the media to advertise products, pitching the local newspaper is not as common… instead relationships are made through blogs and new sources. For entrepreneurs this is an exciting time especially with the newest era of business on the rise. If you think about it our social world is a new era of business, 50 years ago no one would have ever thought smart phones or the internet would be taking over. The way we interact with people has totally shifted especially when looking for jobs or even within the job itself. Overall more businesses will thrive, obviously there will be some left struggling, but I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles.


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