One prediction I have about the public relations field in the future is that PR will simply be harder to control. For example, there are more and more websites being created that review companies and services like say, On these websites, people can go in and write negative reviews even if they don’t have a real reason to. This could be a disgruntled former employee or maybe a customer exaggerates about what was really just a small issue.

These companies and services most likely don’t have enough man-power or the time to make sure there aren’t any reviews posted that could hurt the company’s reputation with potential customers. There are websites like that offer the service of monitoring your online reviews, but it’s pretty hard to make sure that every review website is free of negative feedback for your company. This also doesn’t account for social media outlets like or People could tweet or post a status about anything and the company would never know, but their followers or friends might take the review to heart and not use that company.

Since managing these comments and reviews will be harder, I think people will need to be more and more cautious about what they read online or in social media. Another issue with social media is fake accounts. Many athletes, celebrities and big companies have the issue of people making fake Twitter accounts that use their names. Being verified on Twitter is the only way to make sure that account is truly the real account for the person or company, but not everyone can be verified. A potential employer could see a fake account and think they were looking at posts from you, and maybe those posts will make them not want to hire you.


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