The Rise in Content Marketing: Blogging Goes Corporate

As communication channels continue to increase in the world, businesses and advertisers have more and more to compete with to gain viewer attention. In order to push through this clutter, and to avoid the growing defense mechanisms consumers have gained towards advertising a business needs more than just a flashy advertisement… they need to create interesting content.

I predict that as blogging increases, corporate blogging will become a necessity in the business world. Currently, corporate blogs enhance the image of a company by giving the company a modern & trendy appeal. As time goes on, I see that blogs for businesses become one of the main tools in beating out competitors. How useful is your content? How entertaining is your content? How creative is your company? Does your company keep up with current trends? Companies may be telling stories, spreading local news, or providing useful business tips – no matter the content what… it is not direct selling. Corporate Blogging Tips

Companies can blog to drive sales like Wegmans.

Or like Patagonia to enhance brand image and engage users.

Or like Starbucks, who uses their blog for new product development.

As stated in Tom Kelleher’s book Public Relations Online (pg. 128) and according to Sifry (2004), ““…there is still a tremendous opportunity for forward-thinking companies and management to have a significant positive impact on their public perception” by way of hosting blogs.”

Companies can persuade by way of typical selling tactics. Or, they can utilize growing Web tools to persuade with creativity… and in this case content.


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