Its 2078, and an epidemic as occurred. 3,000 years of pollution have led up to this day. An elderly man is on his death bed, one warm may night in Oklahoma. While his family waits for him to slowly pass, they get a rude awakening… literally. Grandpa awoke from the dead, and infected his whole family. Which lead to the entire state of Oklahoma, which led to all of America


It could happen. Zombie apocalypses have been predicted, and prepared for, for years. And Zombies need PR too. If there is a huge epidemic then the media could use it to their advantages. Trying to find a cure would be number one. And keeping the public calm. Giving the healthy Americans constant updates about where the disease is spreading and in what locations. I’d assume phone alerts, or if newer technology is created. If it were to happen today I can defiantly see a parody twitter account being made. Even though a serious thing is happening, Twitter always seems to shed a comedic light on everything.

Keeping the conversation going, and keeping America together. Organizing safe houses, and contained places where healthy people can stay and survive. The presidents PR people would probably be working hard to not get the healthy people against him, since they would have no one to blame, so blame the president. In this situation the main thing to do if you’re in the public eye is to stay calm. When the public eye is on the media, and the media is freaking out, so will everyone else.


About isabellelasa

Freshmen at St. John Fisher College

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