The future of Public Relations is really at the hands of our generation. The more we become interested in PR work, the more we will help to carry it on. But, if we choose a different career path, PR will ultimately die down.

PR is really all about sending messages out to the public.  If PR dies down, messages won’t be sent out to the public. This is ultimately a downfall because the public needs messages and warning sent out by PR people. If we weren’t given the messages we are given and weren’t warned on everyday products we use, what would happen?

To me, this is a terrible thing because not only will press releases be no more, but the PR we seen in our everyday will also. The future of PR really is in our generations hand because we have to stay interested in the career and sending out messages and gaining the publics attention. Most PR work is based off the publics opinion and attention it is receiving. For example, if a press release is written to send the public a message about an upcoming movie, the public will choose to see the movie based on whether or not the press release gave it good attention. If the press release didn’t give the upcoming movie much attention, people will be less likely to see it.


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