I think the sports world, and PR are growing. All major sports teams and players have twitters. The use of online media tools and social media has grown in the past five years. these interactive mediums can help form a two-way communication with fans in a new unique way. Social media can do a lot. They are a platform to discuss ideas, communicate experiences, and exchange knowledge. They represent an unfiltered direct communication link connecting consumers to brands through online identification. The athlete fan interaction represents he interactive communication of social media and the potential loyalty building dynamics of these tools. When PR is about communication, sports teams can communicate with all of their audience.


Social networks have a huge impact on our future.  Noreena Hertz did a study to see if social networks effect human interaction. Luckily for PR firms we are all getting more digital, so they are all able to track us down and give us what we want. The thing with us all be connected to our phone is that they can know where we are. This is good for PR people because they can tract what we like, where we go, and who we talk to and they can plan accordingly. For examples web browsers and emails keep track about what we like and they set up advertisements all around the web pages we go to based on what we like.


About isabellelasa

Freshmen at St. John Fisher College

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