A second prediction I have about the future of public relations is that companies will change the way they advertise themselves. I think public relations will be more about getting noticed rather than trying to manage the public opinion, although that will still be a part of it.

Television commercials and advertisements in general have become much more random and aim to simply get your attention rather than telling you what the product or service actually is. At this point, there aren’t too many companies or services that need to explain what they do because most of us already know. For example, look at a company like Old Spice. Their commercials really don’t have much to do with their actual products. It’s more about simply getting the consumers attention and getting stuck in their head. You can see what I’m talking about when you watch one of their commercials, like this one. This commercial didn’t mention deodorant or body wash at all, but you don’t need them to mention those products because you already know what Old Spice sells.

This technique is also used by the website GoDaddy.com. They go for more of a wow factor rather than just being random and humorous like the Old Spice. Their Super Bowl commercial was a good example of this. People were shocked when they saw this commercial. Although this probably makes a lot of us feel uncomfortable, we won’t forget the commercial anytime soon, and that’s what GoDaddy wants. They actually experienced their best sales day ever the day after this commercial ran during the Super Bowl.


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