The whole future of Public Relations will be about proving to the public that PR is helpful and doesn’t destroy society. Many people think Public Relations is all about lying to get what you want, when really it’s about spreading the message of what your business, product or brand stands for.

The picture above shows what people think of Public Relations and how it’s only a way to lie and go to big parties with famous people. In reality, it’s not like that for many PR people, unless they’re out in Hollywood working for a major movie star.

The future of PR I believe will be based off of social media, but it will be PR people and companies proving themselves to the public. The public has the ultimate opinion in the end, if they listen or not to your message. If you’re trying to assist your company in selling a product, you have to convince the public that the product is good. If you don’t, there goes your job. PR is all about making a good impression and sending out the message you want your clients and the public to see.

The more social media develops, the more you have to be in contact with it, learning the new sites and keeping up to date with what people want. Either way, you still have to prove to people that your message and your company is the best they can choose and go with. Proving to the public your idea will help show that you know what you’re doing in your job and that you’re not there to lie. Also, proving to the public that PR work isn’t a joke and that it’s a sensible career will be a good attention seeker. This can relate to Ewen’s book we read during class because it’s all about gaining attention and sending out a message that the public will listen to.


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