The PR Society of America uses business tools to help future leaders and organizations send out their messages and products to make themselves a better business in the declining economy.
“Public relations crisis management” is set up by the PRSA to help businesses and students who plan on being future leaders to help corporations, brands and businesses.
My prediction for the future is that PRSA will become the dominant Public Relations help in society. I believe that they should make apps for technology like phones and Ipads/kindles. These apps could help people and students who are interested in the PRSA to become more involved and help PRSA gain more attention and become number one.
If there was a PRSA app, more people would look into it and how it’s working to help students and businesses in their public relations work. Since the economy is declining along with many businesses, the PRSA helps to gain them more attention and revenue by getting their product, revenue or brand out in the faces of the public.
PRSA will become more of a household name in the future based on the apps and even maybe holographic products to help send out their message. This can relate to my last post about holograms because that would be an easy way to show the public how and why the PRSA works.


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