Another prediction that I have on the future of Public Relations is that it will become heavily dependent on social media. Social media allows people from all over the world to keep in contact with each other and share images, videos and other items. This sharing allows different messages to be spread to the public. For example, every time you share a certain image on Facebook, people on your friends list who may not be friends with the person you shared it from, will see the picture. The more people who see the picture, the more the image is spread around and seen by the public.

If social media stays and grows to bigger and better places, public relations will have no problem. It will all be by chance. Social media helps to grow and spread messages through the public and without it, many people wouldn’t know about certain things.

Facebook and Twitter might die out, but other new social media sites will grow like Yammer and Spreecast. These social media sites provide a better and different experience than other social media sites. They also are a great source that businesses can use to advertise and send out their projects. The more that these businesses grow on social media and send out their products and messages, the more PR will grow on social media.

My prediction is that social media will be the best influence and usage for PR. Social media will allow attention to be gained and allow the public to receive messages.


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