The Rise In Content Marketing: Video Goes Corporate

As Tom Kelleher once said, “Although providing targeted, useful, and aesthetically pleasing information is still very much a key function of public relations work – it is necessary in the practice of public relations – it not sufficient for successful public relations, or even successful publicity.” (Public Relations Online, pg. 39)

This quote made me once again think about content marketing, and breaking through the typical practices within marketing communications & sales pitches a business takes on to gain attention and publicity. One way in which a company can do this is by way of creative video content. As discussed in Kelleher’s book, “media richness is the potential of a particular medium to convey rich information. (pg. 61) The richer the media, the easier it is for businesses to establish and maintain relationships (with consumers). For example, face-to-face would be the richest form of media possible, where as formally written memos and numbers/statistics fall to the bottom of the media richness.

 This drives my prediction: I believe that embedded videos – on a company’s website, Twitter feed, blog posts – is the next-best thing to face-to-face communication. Using a rich form of media to convey company-created content will help establish and maintain relationships that may not have been possible through the company’s usual advertising and selling practices. Aside from actual video conferencing, like SpreeCastImage, I believe that companies will begin creating various videos to use within their online presence. These videos will be characterized by one or a mix of the following:

1. Entertaining (“Meet the Team Monday”, “Joke of the day”, “Quote of the day”)

    Like J. Crew who uses cute to their advantage

2. Useful (“How To…”, Business Tips, “Business Strategy for Dummies”)

    Like Estee Lauder who sponsors guest bloggers on their company blogImage

3. Current Issue (Goodwill, Green Initiatives, Local Community Projects)

4. Engage the Community (Contests)

 These videos will drive the public to the brand for various reasons. Providing the consumer with knowledge and/or entertainment. This form of content marketing is what is going to allow a business and advertiser to stand out amongst the typical advertisements that consumers may feel more defensive towards. 


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