Right now, every company is watching out for themselves and only themselves. They advertise with their product in mind and try to get as many sales as they can of their own products. But I believe that the future will be about collaboration. Businesses will not only look out for themselves, but also the companies they are collaborating with.

You might be thinking, “Well won’t that potentially hurt business?” No. No two companies that are in direct competition with one another will collaborate. The true reason behind this collaboration is for better advertising possibilities. Companies such as Dove chocolate, Silk Soymilk, and American Eagle could all advertise with one another because they can be related in a way that is unusual, but makes sense.

american eagleDove chocolate silk

For example, an advertisement with the previous three companies might have a woman sitting on the couch with a comfy American Eagle hoodie on while she is eating Dove chocolate and reaching for a glass of Silk soy milk. They are all working together in the advertisement, but none of the products are stealing any business from the other. This is especially good because each company will save money when they advertise with others. If there are three products being advertised in one commercial, they can split the cost three ways and save a bunch of money. That money can be used for other advertisements as a product alone, or they can collaborate on more advertisements and reach more people that may not have seen the other ad.

Another way that companies could collaborate is with the actual product. Using the three companies previously talked about, I will give you a couple examples of what I mean. One way companies could collaborate on advertising is if Dove chocolates put the Silk logo on the insides of their wrappers. Another way would be for American Eagle to give out Dove chocolates as people walked into their store. These types of collaboration would get non-competitive product names out to people that may not normally be their target market.

One last way that this type of collaboration could be helpful is if someone is really fond of Silk soy milk. If someone sees Dove’s logo on a soy milk container, they might be like “If Silk soy milk thinks this product is great, then it must be great” and they may be convinced to try it out.

The only downfall will be that if one of the collaborating companies gets into trouble for something, the other companies will look bad because of it. It may in the end create more PR trouble than it’s worth, but then again it may not.

Imagine some sort of combination of these three commercials, and you will be imagining the collaboration of the future.


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