Another prediction I have about the future of PR has to do with press releases. Currently, press releases are sent to news organizations, and that’s how the press is alerted of newsworthy events.

            My prediction for the future is that press releases won’t be sent to news organizations. They will instead be posted either on their websites or through social media websites like Twitter. This will make it easier for news organizations to pick up stories faster because they won’t have to wait for a press release to be sent to them. Instead of a company inviting specific news organizations to their events, it will be on Twitter so there will be a greater range of news organizations that pick up the story.

The way stories are released these days is changing. Lots of people get breaking news from Twitter. There’s even a Twitter account for breaking news. If Twitter is going to be the place where stories break first, press releases should be included. They need to change with the times to stay modern. This will probably mean making them shorter too. You only have 140 characters to use, so you can either make the message shorter or have a link to a longer press release.


This means more exposure for companies and more hits on their website. There will still be the option of sending a press release to just one or a few news organizations if it’s a topic that the company doesn’t want everyone knowing about.


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