PR is mainly face-to-face, writing, and speaking.  My prediction for the future is that there will be far less of that and pictures will start to take over PR.  Pictures are the eye catchers and they are what, most of the time, get people interested in the story.  So why not have the pictures be the stories?

Today we have instagram, tumblr, and other mediums for solely pictures.  It makes sense that in the future these things will be used as a form of news and PR.  It would be like taking a huge event like the Boston Marathon bombing and seeing just the pictures from that. The images would speak for themselves.


This form of PR would take far less thinking and creating and you could also get creative with it.  The photographer would become the PR agent because how he or she takes the picture will put a spin on the opinion people will form about it. There will be new techniques developed to put a spin on the stories such as color, angle, size, and content.



About courtneydubiel

I'm a freshman at SJFC. I'm a communications major hoping to get into advertising.

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