As technology advances, more and more businesses have conference calls instead of meetings. People rarely travel to have business meetings or even go to business lunches anymore. Everything is done electronically or on the phone. It saves money as well as time. I think that in the future, there will be less and less travel for business trips. People will be communicating by the web and by phone more than now.


In the future, there will probably be more technology than there already is, making it easier to communicate in geographically dispersed teams. There are still technical difficulties with meeting in geographically dispersed teams, but in the future, the bugs will be worked out, making it easier for people to communicate through the internet. Tom Kelleher’s book Public Relations Online: Lasting Concepts for Changing Media talks about creating a stronger online presence within businesses and this could be considered part of it. Businesses will end up creating online presence by using social media such as SpreeCast to get their ideas and products out to the public while also being in geographically dispersed teams. The point of SpreeCast is to be in different places but be able to talk to one another. This gives businesses the ability to move towards the future by working in geographically dispersed teams as well as create an online presence.




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